Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Results of the Battle of the Books!

SJH Red Maple VS Acadia Jr. High Book Battle!

Today we will battle via Skype with Acadia Jr. High in Winnipeg to determine which of the following titles is the best book ever!

St. Joseph High School Red Maple Club members have nominated the following titles:

1.  The Vampire Stalker by Allision Van Diepen  presented by Lena Morin
2.  The Vindico by Wesley King presented by Darien Reichel
3.  End of Days by Eric Walters presented by Aedyn Ladd

Acadia Jr. High has voted for the following titles:

1.  The Bedmas Conspiracy by Deborah Sherman
2.  Fly Boy by Eric Walters
3.  The Undergrounders by David Skuy

May the odds be ever in our favour and the best book win!

To vote please click on this link and select which argument was the best pitch made by students in today's Battle: