NF: Transphobia: Deal with It and Be a Gender Transcender

Written by j wallace skelton, Illustrated by Nick Johnson
Who do you think you are? Part of identity is how people experience their gender. Transphobia is intolerance of any part of the range of gender identity. This accessible, illustrated book offers information, quizzes, comics and true-to-life scenarios to help kids better understand gender identity and determine what they can do to identify and counter transphobia in their schools, homes and communities. Considered from the viewpoint of gender explorers, gender enforcers and witnesses, transphobic behaviour is identified, examined and put into a context that kids can use to understand and accept themselves and others for whatever gender they are -- even if that's no gender at all!

Art Activity (WORD & PDF)
Word Search (WORD & PDF)
Word Search Answers (WORD & PDF)
Venn Diagram Activity (WORD & PDF)

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