NF: Faster Higher Stronger: Bright Ideas That Transformed Sports

Written by Simon Shapiro, Illustrated by Theo Krynauw and Warwick Goldswain
What do athletes and rocket scientists have in common? It takes a lot of talent, skill, and hard work to become a world-class athlete. But it takes even more to make a sport better: it takes smarts! And whether innovators are aware of it or not, it takes an understanding of physics, mechanics, and aerodynamics to come up with better techniques and equipment.
From swimming, soccer, and basketball to skateboarding and wheelchair sports, Faster Higher Smarter looks at the hard science behind many inventions and improvements in sports.
Readers will find out how the introduction of the aluminum bat changed baseball; how a slapshot works, and what’s involved in bending a ball like Beckham. It also covers the history of such milestones as the introduction of diversity, disabled athletes, and women in sport.
Entertaining, informative, and highly visual, this book is the perfect way to introduce scientific concepts to kids who love sports.

Discussion Questions (WORD & PDF)
Science Activity (WORD & PDF)
Sporting Equipment Spectrum (WORD & PDF)
Sports Scrambler Activity (WORD & PDF)

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